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AllWorldIT Wholesale

Together with many technological and software solutions provided in the course of our main business, we also offer competitive rates on wholesale ISP services including wholesale bandwidth. We have many ISP’s that choose to deal with us as a single provider, we have large volume contracts over long commitment periods with our suppliers which allow us to offer attractive reselling opportunities. We concentrate providing these opportunities to resellers and encourage them to bundle our products in new and innovative ways to their clients to boost market share.

Teraco Services

Teraco Image

Teraco Rackspace
  • Power from R798 p/100VA p/month
  • Rack space from R513 p/U p/month
Teraco Image

IP Transit (1:1 International)
  • IP Transit < 10Mbit/s from R251 p/Mbit/s p/month
  • IP Transit 10-100Mbit/s from R194 p/Mbit/s p/month
  • IP Transit 100-250Mbit/s from R171 p/Mbit/s p/month
  • IP Transit 250-500Mbit/s from R137 p/Mbit/s p/month
  • IP Transit 1-2Gbit/s from R108 p/Mbit/s p/month
  • IP Transit 2-3Gbit/s from R92 p/Mbit/s p/month
  • IP Transit 3-4Gbit/s from R89 p/Mbit/s p/month
  • IP Transit 4-5Gbit/s from R87 p/Mbit/s p/month
Teraco Image

Backhaul (CT to JHB)
  • < 100Mbit/s from R37 p/Mbit/s p/month
  • 100-500Mbit/s from R35 p/Mbit/s p/month
  • 500-1000Mbit/s from R30 p/Mbit/s p/month
  • >1Gbit/s from R23 p/Mbit/s p/month
  • Protected <100Mbit/s from R60 p/Mbit/s p/month
  • Protected 100-500Mbit/s from R51 p/Mbit/s p/month
  • Protected 500-1000Mbit/s from R42 p/Mbit/s p/month
  • Protected >1Gbit/s from R39 p/Mbit/s p/month


Enterprise Fibre Internet Access

Telkom SAIX Image

  • 5M from R7,205, 1:1 guaranteed international
  • 10M from R9,498, 1:1 guaranteed international
  • 20M from R14,087, 1:1 guaranteed international
  • 50M from R27,852, 1:1 guaranteed international
  • 100M from R50,794, 1:1 guaranteed international
  • 200M from R96,680, 1:1 guaranteed international
  • 500M from R234,335, 1:1 guaranteed international
  • (many many other options available)

Metro Ethernet Services

Telkom SAIX Image

  • 10M Point to Point fibre from R10,675 (intra)
  • 20M Point to Point fibre from R11,528 (intra)
  • 50M Point to Point fibre from R13,829 (intra)
  • 100M Point to Point fibre from R17,179 (intra)
  • 200M Point to Point fibre from R24,539 (intra)
  • 500M Point to Point fibre from R40,061 (intra)
  • 1,000M Terraco Rondebosch to Terraco Isando from R25,000
  • (many many other options available)


Wholesale Broadband Accounts

AllWorldIT Image

Wholesale Broadband Accounts
  • 1M Uncapped from R45
  • 2M Uncapped from R76
  • 4M Uncapped from R148
  • 8M Uncapped from R241
  • 10M Uncapped from R301
  • 20M Uncapped from R373
  • 40M Uncapped from R609
  • Per Gbyte Billing Model from R1.72 p/Gbyte
  • Fixed IP from R26
  • Own realm from R175



HostOnARope Image

ZA/UK/USA/FR/CA Web Hosting
  • 10G Disk Space – from R88
  • 50G Disk Space – from R370
  • 250G Disk Space – from R1,386
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Wholesale Domain Names
  • co.za from R50 p/year
  • com/net/org from $10.30 p/year
  • Direct reseller accounts com/net/org from $8.29 p/year
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Local Reseller Web Hosting
  • 10G Disk Space – from R88
  • 50G Disk Space – from R370
  • 250G Disk Space – from R1,386

SSL Certificates


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Wholesale SSL Certificates
  • Comodo PositiveSSL from $8.73 p/year
  • Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard from $120.70 p/year

Why Choose Us

Linux Based Systems Design SA (Pty) Ltd under the AllWorldIT umbrella has been operating since 2002 providing technology and software solutions to many ISP’s both local and international, we’ve since seen a stable growth and now operate on 3 continents. We offer high quality support to our clients and a wide range of cost effective products.

What Client’s Say

My second year with you guys and the price and quality is just great. You guys do offer service! Just wanted you all to know, I have…
I’m very satisfied with the way and the speed your support is working. Special thanks for the big discount and can recommend others…
I am shocked by the prices, when I do not understand something i make a ticket, and getting a answer less than 1hr was a shock!…
Excellent Service! I have ordered twice with them already and got an excellent instant service and great product too.
I am with them for 3 years already and each time I am impressed with their service. As a reseller I needed good and fast answer…